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Free Presentations

These free presentations can be given on site or via videoconferencing. They are 45 minutes long, plus time for questions. Please contact us to arrange a presentation for your organization.

"Scala in the Enterprise"

Large corporations have been asking for guidelines of how to adopt this new technology. This presentation discusses features and benefits, pitfalls and shortcomings, trends and risks, and software tools. Included are two case studies that cover the normal questions one wants to know about when discussing trending topics: who, what, when, where, how and why.

This talk is targeted for a general audience in a software technology company. Most of the presentation is only semi-technical, and is intended be understood by non-technical people who work in software technology companies. There are 4 slides that show code, but the lessons learned in those slides will be presented such that non-technical people should be able to come away with an understanding of the issues. Guidelines are presented that are suitable for engineering managers, programmers, product managers, project managers, HR staff and business development personnel.

"Composable Futures with Akka 2.0"

Writing concurrent programs that can run in multiple threads and on multiple cores is crucial but daunting. Futures provides a convenient abstraction for many problem domains. The new book "Composable Futures with Akka 2.0" discusses Akka futures and the parts of java.util.concurrent that underlie the Akka futures implementation. Unlike Java's futures, Akka futures support transformations and sophisticated callbacks. A comparison to other concurrency options is provided, including the well-known Java Callable, actors, data flow and Scala parallel collections.

The presentation is based on selected material from the book. Code examples in Java and Scala are shown. Here is more information on the book, and a table of contents. Both Java and Scala programmers should find this talk instructive and insightful.

"Five Concurrency Options for Scala and Akka"

Writing concurrent programs that can run in multiple threads and on multiple cores is crucial but daunting. Akka and Scala together provide five concurrency options: java.util.concurrent, Scala parallel collections, Akka futures (subsumed into Scala 2.10), Akka dataflow and Akka actors. Mike Slinn discusses all of them, contrasts them, offers guidance as to when to use each, and describes some typical usage patterns.

The presentation is be based on selected material from Mike Slinn's new book "Composable Futures with Akka 2.0 for Java and Scala", plus additional content. Entry-level and intermediateScala programmers should benefit from this pragmatic presentation.