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Featuring Java, Scala and Akka Code Examples
Akka is hot, and Akka futures are important for creating responsive applications that can scale. This book is intended for 'the rest of us' Java and Scala programmers who would like to quickly learn how design and integrate applications using composable futures … Read more.

No longer available.

The Enterprise Adobe Flash Platform Series

This series describes how to develop and securely deploy enterprise-class software using Adobe Flex and AIR on the client side and Java EE backends. Using the tools and techniques described in this book series, one or two people can put together a client-server system that would have required at least a dozen people ten years ago, in a similar time. What’s more, the software stack described in this book series can support tens of thousands of simultaneous users per server CPU, with excellent responsiveness, high reliability and presentation-quality graphics … Read more.

Hibernate, BlazeDS and Eclipse

This book explains how to design, build and test the Flex Data Services and the server-side Java stack of an application built with the Adobe Flash Platform. Java EE technology such as Tomcat and Hibernate are covered in detail, including reverse engineering ORM POJOs from a database schema, and creating a schema from POJOs … Read more.

No longer available.

This white paper discusses end-to-end client/server security for distributed computing systems built with the Adobe Flash Platform. Special consideration is given to enterprise issues issues, and to cloud computing … Read more.

No longer available.